1,Customer First, Quality Foremost, and Sincere Service
Objective: What customers want is what we must accomplish
We are working hard to offer high-class products, complete service and what we promise to customers.
Service quality is the life of the company and also the foothold on which every employee rely for subsistence.
To all people related to work, we must keep high service awareness in communication.

2, Being Simple in Behavior, Being Earnest in Work, and Keeping Solidarity and Close Cooperation in Work
Being simple in our behavior means consistency in words and deeds, being same between inside and outside, making complicated things simple and simple things correct.
Be attentive, practical and cooperative in work and keep away anyone with many complaints and dissatisfaction.
Keep improving one’s work and strive to become the best employee on one’s post.
Work in unity and help one another to make harmonious working atmosphere.

3,Initiative Innovation and Constant Improvement to Transcend Oneself
Keep open mind and accept changes quickly; spread positive influence on colleagues and mobilize colleagues.
Strive to create new thinking in one’s work and seek new methods to accomplish big breakthrough.
Establish learning habit and request oneself to get improvement everyday.
Don’t be satisfied with the achievement in the past and try to transcend oneself.

4,Having Both Ability and Virtue, Inspecting One’s Deeds and Morality, and Creating Value
The people who have both ability and good virtue can be employed for key jobs; the people with good virtue but low ability can be trained and taught for a job; the people without good virtue have no chance to be employed.
Inspect one’s morality and deeds at any time. Take low behavior as a shame.
Be able to recognize one’s value in the company and take no value or minus value as a shame.
Be a person with value for customers, the company, colleagues, family members, and the society.