Fully enclosed environmental protection filling machine high viscosity automatic metering filling machine with automatic gland
  • Function:

    ·Automatic filling and capping;

    ·Digital input, set weight, formula storage;

    ·Real time operation status indication and clock display;

    ·Tare detection starts all-round barrel filling;

    ·Gross weight / net weight (automatic peeling per barrel) filling method;

    ·Automatic zero tracking, bucket quantity accumulation and weight accumulation;

    ·Automatic correction of weight error;

    ·Automatic zero clearing after startup and power-off protection device;

    ·Emergency stop protection device;

    ·The factory setting can be restored by misoperation;

    ·With fault detection function, it is easy to maintain.

    ·Flexible movement, explosion-proof configuration, simple operation and easy maintenance.


    The fully enclosed filling machine meets the current environmental protection requirements and is designed according to the use requirements of customers. It is accurate and beautiful, easy to clean, and the height, front, back and left of the discharge port can be adjusted; It is suitable for round, square, flat and various tank types and caliber filling. It has automatic capping, convenient movement, two speed filling "fast & accurate", good stability, can reduce loss, save cost, reduce workers' operating pressure, etc.