DCSZD10A1JGFY Gravity type automatic filling production line-A021

    Plate sending speed a nd conveyor speed: adjustable by the turn switch
    Heating power of the filling tank: 6000w with two heating pipes.

    1). Plate sending unit: The upper part in a shape of a pot is vibration sending unit. The lower part in a shape of cabinet is supporting part a nd it should be fixed to the ground with four bolts at the four feet position.
    2). Filling machine: The temporary tank is with 2 heating pipes a nd kerosene in the jacket layer. The kerosene spill flow can get down from the pipe on one side to the plate under the filling machine. The top of the tank can be open to fill in melted rosin.


    DCSZD10A1JGFY illing production line is designed according to customer requirements a nd powerful models. Ultrasonic tank fed judge,Accurate a nd beautiful, easy to clean; a gate of the high a nd low, front, left a nd right can be adjusted; fit round, square, flat, a nd the Filling of cans of various caliber; roller conveyor, automatic gla nd automatically sent; two-speed filling “fast&accurate,”stability; flexible way to effectively improve the canned filling speed, reduce losses a nd save, reduce the work pressure on workers .


    Weighing range ≤10 kg Barrel specification ≤diameter200×height250(mm)
    Graduation value 1g、2g、5g、10g Power supply 10-12 barrels/min
    Power supply Ac380∨±10% 50HZ Air source 0.5Mpa
    Accuracy level X (0.5) Dimension 4000×1000×1450(mm)