DCS30B2GY Water Bottling Machine Washing/Filling/Capping in Line-B083
  • Function

    ·Digital input of set weight and 10 fomulas saved
    ·Tare detecting to start filling at any position of the can if only the mouth of the can is aligned to the filling nozzle

    ·Automatic capping and roller convey
    ·Failure detecting function to make mainenance easy
    ·Indicator of real-time operation status and clock display
    ·Monitor on the comparison of the weight to be packed and actually packed weight
    ·Moving flexible and explosion proof, easy to operate
    ·Automatic zero position tracking, packed quantity and weight accumulative
    ·Factory default setting can be restored in case of wrong operation
    ·Automatic correction of weight deviation and gross weight / net weight (automatically tared) filling mode
    ·Automatic zero clearing after startup, protection at time of power outage and emergent stop.


    Custom made design and engineering and one person operation
    The barrel position and filling nozzle height adjustable according to worker's habbit
    Filling height is adjustable to fit various barrel shapes like round, square, oblate cans or barrels
    Real-time monitor on the comparison of weight to be packed and actually packed weight to avoid error in packing
    Roller convey and intelligent up-down capping, safe and easy work
    Machine is flexible to move and two speeds filling to achieve "fast and accurate" effect, and good stability
    Reduce wastage in packing and save material cost and also relieve worker's work pressure to improve work efficiency.

    Technical indicators

    Weighing range

    ≤30 kg

    Barrel specification


    Graduation value


    Filling speed

    6-12 barrels/min

    Power supply

    Ac220±10% 50HZ

    Air source


    Accuracy level

    X (0.5)