In the information age, the world suddenly becomes small, the pressure of competition is growing. In the survival of the fittest, only by constantly winning can we survive and win. With the development and progress of society, more and more demands have been put forward for all walks of life. In order to improve production efficiency and market competitiveness, mechanized processing enterprises have adopted mechanized production line operation method, and formed automatic assembly line for different products. Products are constantly upgrading, but also requires the corresponding control system to change, improve the efficiency of product production. The present enterprise has high demand for the efficiency of the product and the quality of the product.



Guangzhou Xin Xin Science and technology along with the development of the times and customer requirements, continue to invest in R & D, innovation, improvement, and constantly improve product quality. Through our efforts, in the market has been recognized and affirmed by many customers. Xi'an westel Taihe Industrial Co. Ltd. No. two base new white latex production line, the introduction of foreign advanced production line and production technology, white latex will subvert the traditional domestic production technology, new technology upgrade, can better and more stable product quality is enhanced, and the increase of the new plastic products production line. Nishitetsu Taiwaki, in order to meet the needs of its productivity, needs to purchase a large number of filling machine equipment. Guangzhou Xin Xin Science and technology through continuous efforts and your company repeatedly talks, Hui Xin filling machine equipment has been West Rail Tai Hexing highly recognized, will purchase 6 automatic filling production line equipment in our department.



A significant feature of the Guangzhou Hui Xin Technology automatic filling machine is a high degree of automation, it can meet the needs of enterprises to improve the production capacity, work efficiency, the microcomputer technology into the filling machine, the mechanical and electrical integration. Guangzhou Hui Xin technology according to Taihe No. two base body design, through constant communication, and WR taihexing professional design, precision assembly, Guangzhou Hui Xin factory is ramping up production of filling equipment, quickly completed 6 fully automatic filling production line equipment, inspection equipment is not normal and ship loading, we added many functions in the 6 automatic line, let the automatic feature fully embodies the modern manufacturing industry.


Not high customer requirements, our products and services are not good enough? Guangzhou Hui Xin Science and technology has a professional technical staff, to ensure that customers all the successful completion of the project, the establishment of specialized departments for pre-sale, sale, customer service service to provide a solid and effective protection, cannot do without Hui Xin Science and technology has been the pursuit of customer first, quality first, sincere service.