DCS30GYFBL Aseptic Filling Machine for Anti-Corrosion Paint-A025
  • Function

    •Digital input to set weight and 10 recipes can be saved;

    •With working status indicator and clock display;

    •Tare inspection triggers all-position barrel putting and filling operation;

    •GW/NW (barrel tared automatically) two filling modes;

    •Automatic zero position tracking, barrel quantity accumulation and weight accumulation;

    •Automatic weight error correcting;

    •Automatic clear to zero after start-up and there is power-off protection device;

    •Protection device against emergency stop;

    •Factory default setting can be restored in case of misoperation;

    •Fault detecting function makes maintenance easier;

    •Easy moving, explosion-proof configuration and simple operation.


    DCS30GYFBL filling production line is designed according to customer requirements and powerful models. Ultrasonic tank fed judge,Accurate and beautiful, easy to clean; a gate of the high and low, front, left and right can be adjusted; fit round, square, flat, and the Filling of cans of various caliber; roller conveyor, Automatic barrel; automatic filling; automatically put the cover; automatically gland; two-speed filling “fast&accurate,” stability; flexible way to effectively improve the canned filling speed, reduce losses and save, reduce the work pressure on workers .

    Technical indicators

    Weighing range ≤40 kg Barrel specification ≤diameter350×height400(mm)
    Graduation value 1g、2g、5g、10g Filling speed 8-12 barrels/min
    Power supply Ac220∨±10% 50HZ Air source 0.5Mpa
    Accuracy level X (0.5) 级 Dimension 1500×580×1300(mm)